Add information about a personal data breach

  • Please use this form to give supplementary information regarding a previously made data breach notification. Please fill in the fields marked with an asterisk (*) and the fields you wish to complete or change.

    When you have filled in the form, press "send". We will confirm that we have received your supplementary information and you will then be able to download a copy of it.

  • Please enter the name of the controller where the data breach occurred.
  • Please enter the corporate identity number (XXXXXX-XXXX). Note! If the corportate identity number is the same as your personal identity number, you should not enter it.
  • 3. Postal address of the controller
    Please enter the postal address, not the visiting address.
  • Please enter the organisation's internal reference number for the data breach.
    • 9. The postal address you wish to be contacted at
      Letters that IMY will send to you regarding the notification will be sent to this address.
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    • 13. When did the data breach cease?
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    • Please select the most relevant option.
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      • 25. Which categories of data subjects are concerned?
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      • 26. What categories of personal data have been affected by the data breach?
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      • 28. What may be the consequences of the data breach?
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      • Assess how serious the breach is with regard to the data subjects’ privacy.
      • 30. How have you acted after the data breach?
        Describe the action taken. Have you taken measures, or do you intend to take measures in order to solve problems, prevent or mitigate the effects of the data breach?
        • 32. When did you inform the data subjects?
        • 34. When will you inform the data subjects?
        • 35. On what grounds are you not going to inform the data subjects?